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As you browse through our website, you will get an overview of our agency’s capabilities and see our commitment to excellence that has made us an acclaimed, Hall of Fame provider of high-quality, value-added integrated communication services.

Since launching Gilbreath in 1990, our creative, strategic and professional staff has successfully completed more than 400 client projects. We have steadily evolved, along with our clients and our industry. The one constant is our dedication to delivering unique, measurable and on-target work. Connecting with people is at the heart of any great campaign, and our entire client portfolio reflects a successful tradition of helping our clients engage diverse audiences through authentic and socially conscious messaging backed by research-based and strategically viable integrated communications.

As CEO of Gilbreath, I’ve learned to always be prepared for any sudden change affecting business – whether that change arises from national or local crises or from changes specifically affecting a client. In any case, our team maintains its commitment to professionalism and a readiness to adapt while doing the very best we can to keep our clients happy and well-informed.

Thanks to current and new clients along with new challenges, we continue to grow as an agency. Looking to the future and preparing for it is one of the reasons Gilbreath has more than 30 years of history. Let’s continue making history together.

– Audrey J. Gilbreath

Our team: in-depth excellence

Gilbreath Communications is staffed by a talented, award-winning team of professionals skilled and distinguished in strategy, account management, creative development, media planning, experiential events, organic social media, and every vital aspect of integrated marketing, brand development and overall campaign execution. Additionally, the Gilbreath team collaborates with several external partners who deliver consistently first-rate support in a variety of fields, including target audience research, multilingual translation, broadcast/video production and photography.

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