Gilbreath Rejects Racism … Standing In Solidarity

At times, a horrific tragedy can force an entire nation to finally confront an issue that has stubbornly lingered beneath the surface of society for years. The nationwide eruption of protest and confrontation in recent weeks is having an impact on us all, including the staff of Gilbreath Communications, Inc.

We reject systemic racism in any form and stand in solidarity with those working to end this threat to life and liberty. For more than 30 years, our business relationships extended successfully across both government and corporate domains. On many occasions, we held discussions with these organizations on how to establish and effectively communicate diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout the U.S. To all those organizations, we commend you for your continued effort to forge better relationships with the communities you serve.

As an African American-owned business, we’re also connected to the very communities affected by the current tensions and – like everyone – we have our own individual reactions. As a company, we will continue to do our part to ensure an equal playing field in our industry, workplace and communities. Our efforts will continue to include providing industry scholarships for HBCU students in our region, employment, mentoring and internships, donations and in-kind support to relevant community organizations.

Collectively, as a staff, we’ve decided to share a series of quotations we individually selected, accompanied by the reasons why we believe these words are relevant today. In the coming weeks, Gilbreath will share these with the public through our social media pages. We invite you to join in by sharing your favorite quote and its relevancy with us.

We hope our humble observations will provide some hope and encouragement to those who share our concern for our communities and our nation.