‘Heroic’ School Ready Effort Shows Power of Engagement

Here’s a look at how a little humor and imagination can save the day to extend a campaign aimed at informing and engaging the public.

Since 2008, Gilbreath has worked with the City of Houston Department of Homeland Security and Public Safety to educate area residents on disaster preparedness. The integrated program reached a new audience in 2010 through a classroom curriculum for elementary school students. The School Ready program features a team of three ready heroes as they encourage families to Make a Plan, Build a Kit and Stay Informed.

In 2011, the Ready Team was brought to life as colorful, costumed characters. Mac Planner, Kit Builder and Stu engage children through comical, offbeat dialogue and song in a 12-minute production developed by Gilbreath. With each performance, the heroes elicit demand for more information from children, parents and even teens. City and school district officials alike have praised the program as a great way to make disaster preparedness fun, interactive — and anything but boring.

No matter your target audience, let us help you go beyond the expected and extend the reach of your message.

To learn more about disaster preparedness, visit www.ReadyHoustonTX.gov