Theme Up When You Team Up

What do words like “meeting” and “conference” bring to mind? Probably company executives or staffers sitting in a conference room or an auditorium while the chairperson dutifully advances the pre-set agenda.

But what happens at meetings promoted with a colorful and memorable theme inviting participants to contribute? Fun is what happens — with a probable dose of creative enthusiasm and a more vivid appreciation of the meeting’s purpose.

One specific example of bringing a new spin to an otherwise predictable conference came with Gilbreath’s execution of the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s “Amp Up Your Fleet: Advancing the Choice Conference.” In response to H-GAC’s request to make the annual conference an event attendees would look forward to — and easily recall — Gilbreath produced “Amp Up Your Fleet,” a rock reference to a guitar amplifier — complete with guitar-shaped conference materials and memorabilia.

The theme increased attendance by more than 100 percent over the previous year’s conference and paid exhibitor participation grew by 600 percent.

Let us theme up your conference.